Calibration of temperature control units

Calibration of temperature control units and radiation thermometers is performed in a temperature range from - 30 to + 80 ° C according to the method of calibration of temperature control units. The methos uses the model of blackbody emitter "Demetra" that has a certificate of Conformity RF RU.C.32.001.A № 32527. Traceability of measurements to the national standard state of Russian Federation located in "Mendeleev's VNIIM", St. Petersburg is provided.

Blackbody emitter "Demetra"      Measuring instrument type approval certificate

Main technical characteristics of blackbody emitter "Demetra":

Range of blackbody temperature, ° C
-30 …0…+ 80
Temperature display step-interval, °С
Inlet diameter, mm
The distance from the bottom of blackbody to the front of the radiator, mm
Effective emissivity
The error of the temperature in a steady state, ° C