Geometrical calibration


Geometrical calibration of photosystems with CCD detectors is carried out on a specially designed complex, which includes a large number (over 4000) of reference calibration points (corners of the squares) with known coordinates. Size of the complex is 1.5 x 2.0 x 3.6 m. A technique of geometric calibration of digital aerial cameras and space imaging systems was developed. It is possible to determine the basic parameters of cameras - the focal length, principal point coordinates, the coefficients of the distortion, the field of view,the angular and spatial resolution and contrast transfer function of the camera.

Complex for geometric calibration

Definition of Nikon d3000 angular resolution, f=55 мм. The resolution is 1,7*10-5 rad.  Movable mounting platform of the complex with rotary table for installation and fixation of cameras.  Optical collimator

An example of calibration of Nikon d3000 with the characteristics of focal length f = 18 mm, principal point coordinates (1936, 1296) px is given below. 

Calibration results for Nikon d3000, f=18 mm.