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Spectrozonal video polarimeter SVP

Spectrozonal video polarimeterSpectrozonal video polarimeter is designed for detection and allocation of various objects on the background area by recording images in multiple spectral bands in wavelength range 0,4-1,05 microns with respect to polarization characteristics of radiation reflected by objects and further automated processing of the original images.


SVP consists of an optical module and special on-board calculator. 
The optical module is used to select, set and change the spectral channels of image registration, acquire images of an area with varying angle of view (field of view) and direction of observation, convert images into a sequence of electrical signals. 
The on-board calculator is designed to control the optical module, store the resulting images and represents special version of computer. Any other computer can be used with image digitization device.
The radiation from an object is focused on the CCD array of the television camera by input objective.  The radiation passes through one (of a set) of the interference filters and the polarizing filter at its specific orientation. Сhoice of the desired interference filter, rotation of the polarization filter and a choice of focal length of input objective is accomplished by means of stepping motors upon the commands of controller of the optical module. 

 Main technical characteristics of the SVP  

 Spectral range  0,4 - 1,05 microns
 Amount of changeable interference filters  6
 The range of focal length  80 - 200 mm
 Angle of rotation of the polaroid  360°
 TV array  795 × 596 elements
 Dimension  450 × 170 × 145 mm³
 Weight  7 kg