Field spectroradiometer PSR-02

Field spectroradiometer PSR-02Spectroradiometer PSR-02 is designed for measuring spectral density of the radiance (W / (m · cm²· srin laboratory and field conditions, as well as the polarization characteristics of radiation reflected by plants or other objects in the wavelength range from 0.35 to 2.5 microns.



Spectroradiometer consists of:

     spectrometric module;
     control computer;
     set of special nozzles;
     set of cables;
     special software.

Spectrometric module is meant for registering spectra in a wavelength range 0.35 - 2.5 microns and consists of:

     polychromator of visible range (PVR);
     polychromator of infrared range (PIR);
     projection lens;
     beam splitters (BS);
     turning mirror;