Portable high-precision spectrometer PVS-02

Portable high-precision spectrometer PVS-02

 Portable high-precision spectrometer PVS-02 is designed for a high-precision transmission of units of spectral brightness from calibration system "Camellia-M" to the systems of photometric calibration in the range of 0.4-2.5 microns. PVS-02 can be used for registration of emission, reflection and absorption spectra of various objects.


Spectrometer consists of:

     polychromator of visible range (PVR);
     polychromator of infrared range (PIR);
     two projection lenses;
     power supply unit (PSU);
     special software (SS);
     control computer (CC).

Brief specifications:

Spectral range 0,4÷2,5 microns
 Spectral resolution in range  
       0,4-1,0 microns not worse than 3 nm
       1,0-2,5 microns 
not worse than 3 nm
Ability of measuring absolute values of spectral brightness with a dynamic range of measured data

> 16 bits

Supply voltage 230±23 V
Power consumption <30 W
Weight 9.8 kg
Dimensions (without lens)

328 × 176 × 324 mm³